Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 weeks seems like forever!

Every day is an adventure!
I can truly say I am TOO OLD to keep up with this little one!
She is sooo active~wow!
This transition continues to be amazing, though we have found out exactly how stubborn this little princess really is. But I guess there are reasons. Her determination is remarkable.
She has such a way with people, she wins most hearts with a "hey hey", "bye bye" or blowing kisses.
She learns more and more English, mixed with some Chinese. Most recently she says "thank you mama" at appropriate times.
Many thanks to all for the gifts, calls, emails & prayers! Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we face a few challenges during this time.
We look forward to seeing the pediatrician this week to discuss the services Mira will need in the future & to prioritize the care needed. The one thing I can say about Mira is, if you couldn't SEE her, you would have no clue that she has a special need. She is a VERY regular child, who happens to have twisted legs & weak eyelids. There hasn't been one thing that she CAN'T do.
Enjoy the pics of her week!

Happy Easter to all!
The Newmans

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