Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another adventurous week!

Life moves along quite nicely these days....sometimes there is resistance but we keep going forward!
Mira came home with quite a few "habits" but we are slowly seeing a decrease in these behaviors. Being a first time adoptive mom is a bit different than a birth mom! Lol! I couldn't understand why Mira kept spitting in her babies hair, apparently she has seen this before!
We spent Good Friday at the Cross Walk which was a very nice time to reflect on that grueling walk Jesus made carrying His cross. Then Friday night we went to the Tenabrae service at our church. I have to say that we have been blessed that Mira remains perfectly quiet during church, she whispers at all times....unless....she says Amen on a precise 2 second delay! This makes for quite a few chuckles!
Easter was a fun filled day, Mira ate a peanut butter cup for breakfast (is that legal?) luckily she doesn't speak enough English to tell the SW on our 1 month visit! After church we spent Easter Sunday with family at my Aunt Mar's house, dinner was delicious as usual!
Today, Mira had her first appointment with the pediatrician. All went well, she received 2 vaccines, she never even flinched! Such a brave girl! Although we did experience a complete meltdown, she has quite a bit of VERY HARD wax in her ear. The Dr tried to get it but it was just too hard, we will try at home to take care of it over the next month. Good news of the week is that we received a letter stating our application to Shriners in Philadelphia was approved~ wooohoo! Mira will overtime need EXTENSIVE orthopedic work, we are thankful to Shriners dedication to children.

Enjoyable few more pics!

Have a blessed week!

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  1. My daughter had that rock hard ear wax when we got home from China...we stopped by our favorite ENT and he gave us special ear drops with a stool softener ingredient! Two weeks worth of those and he was able to suction it all out easily. There was a lot of junk in there with that hard wax. During the suctioning process the doctor himself said "Ew!"