Friday, April 27, 2012

A few Mira antics...

So it's NEVER a dull moment at our house these days.
Mira is extremely vocal... It just happens to be in a language I don't understand!
When we were in China we couldn't convince her to use chopsticks, she used a fork or spoon. Well, in the past week, she now insists that she eat with chopsticks at every meal. It's amazing to watch her patiently eat every morsel piece by piece....let me tell, this girl would STARVE if I had to eat with chopsticks. It's been fun, Sami attempts to eat most things with chopsticks now and Kayla tries occasionally too. The most interesting thing is that since they discovered Mira's arm bones are fused we actually have discovered things that she has learned to modify....the use of chopsticks being one of them. She actually holds them palm down and uses them much like scissors, therefore she never has to rotate her wrist.
Another thing that is cracking us up these days is her accent. You would think my girl was learning English from Paula Deen..... Boy does she have a southern drawl. She is always talking with the other girls and we hear her telling Kayla to "hang on" but it sounds like she is from the deep south!
On another note, there seems to be some grieving happening, a few times this week, I found her sobbing for no obvious reason. I have no doubt she is happy here, she loves each of us dearly but the reality is.... She has thoughts and feelings from the past. Our social worker even brought to our attention that she may be feeling sad for those left behind. She did have a "best friend" at the orphanage who is on the shared list. We have a few pics of her and she smiles at her when she looks at them. I pray that her heart continues to heal, I pray that God continues to dwell in her heart and provides comfort too.
As it stands Mira will be having a sedated MRI at Sinai on June 12 to rule out multiple old fractures vs a tumor. My pediatrician thinks June 12 is much too long to wait and is trying to get them to move it up. I will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend!!
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