Monday, April 23, 2012

A day at Shriners in Philly

Today Mira was evaluated at Shriners in Philadelphia. For those who don't know they specialize in orthopedics. Mira has extensive ortho needs. This is a fantastic facility. They are thorough & efficient. We have seen many many doctors at many many hospitals with my children's medical needs, rarely can I say thorough & efficient about any of them.
We were seen by a general ortho Dr. Then we were seen by a few specialists. There are a few things they recommend not treating and a few that will need extensive work. They discovered in both arms the radius and the ulna are fused together which prevents rotation of your hands. We were unaware of this but are not surprised as we have seen Mira compensate for the normal rotation of your hands....this is one of the things they will not treat. She was fitted/molded for a back brace to help with her severe scoliosis, this she will only wear at bedtime, so she can remain mobil. The other area the studied was her legs which is Mira's most severe area of deformity. The repair to one leg, her right, seems relatively simple. The left is a whole different story. The tests revealed something in her left femur. The unfortunate thing is they need an MRI to rule out the possibilities. We were given 2 possibilities, one is that she suffered several very bad breaks to that femur that were never repaired and now the bone is growing abnormal OR there is a tumor in the bone... Obviously the results are scary. We knew going into this adoption that Mira had lots of unknowns, that didn't and doesn't scare us. We know that whether it is a biological child or an adoption, there are risks & unknowns...possibly many don't know this as well as we do. But we know we serve an awesome God. He will hold Mira in the palm of His hand just as He does the rest of our girls. Whatever His great plan is, is okay by us, we trust...wholeheartedly. If you can, please say a prayer for our family as we go through these tests. We are confident that prayer is heard.
I will keep you all unto date.

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