Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Camping, the MD Zoo, a birthday & the JDRF walk

My girl is making some miles these days!
Last weekend we took Mira on her first camping trip. She loved it! She is definitely an outdoor-sy girl! She went fishing with Baba & Pappy. She was so excited to reel a fish in! And a camping trip couldn't be complete without roasted marshmallows~ yummy!
On Wednesday we had our 1 mo post placement visit with the social worker... Poor Mira shut down when Lauren arrived. I think she thought it was time to go back. I felt so sad for my girl. Once she realized the SW was leaving without her she ran to the front door, opened it and screamed "bye-bye!!!"- hysterical!
Since we homeschool, Thursday was a trip to the MD Zoo, this was so much fun! Mira loved saying the names of animals and imitating their sounds. Her favorite was the elephants.
On Friday, Mira turned 6, we had a mini party. She opened a few gifts & she blew out her candle & ate Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream pie from Friendly's... My girl savored every bite!! When she really likes something she will "mmmm... Yummm.... Yummy" through every single bite! I love it!
My 10 yr old Sami is a type 1 diabetic, on Saturday we participated in the JDRF walk to find a cure. It was a beautiful day to see so many people come together to support such an amazing cause. We pray that our Sami will see great progress towards a cure in her lifetime.
Here are some shots from the week!

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