Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The sweetest thing I've ever heard

Just a have to share moment....
A brief background is necessary to understand the sweetness. My middle biological daughter suffers from a progressive, degenerating disease. One of the areas she struggles with is having seizures...often many times a day. These are not the on the ground, unconscious seizures...they are more like blanking out, sometimes 15+ times a day. We often call her out of them by asking if she is okay or saying a random word that she will eventually repeat "once she's returned".
So, the other evening the girls were at the table talking, I was in the kitchen not far from them when I heard Mira saying pretty loud and clear "okay, Kayla? Okay, Kayla? Okay Kayla?" sure enough, she was calling Kayla out of a seizure.
It's amazing how quickly children adapt & find what's the new normal.
We are certain Gods hand has been here every step of the way & times like this confirm it!

The sweetest thing I've ever heard!

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